EPIS-Further development with a new name

EPIS-Further development with a new name

Dienstag, 14.01.14

Years ago, SpanSet was one of the first companies to recognize the potential of the RFID technology for lifting, loading and fall protection technology as well as for products subject to inspection, and to use it as the basis for the innovative product information and administration program EPIS. Since its introduction EPIS has been constantly further developed and improved in close dialogue between customers, designers and programmers. Today it is therefore possible to easily carry out all processes to do with the regular testing of products subject to inspection anywhere and at any time. For the user this means a considerable simplification of the tests as well as saving time and costs. The latest developments in the software, transponders and reading devices signify such a great leap in evolution that SpanSet has decided on a new name: IDXpert.

The new name underlines the achievement of a stage of development, which following many improvements and functional extensions goes far beyond the possibilities of a mere product administration program. IDXpert is extremely flexible and clearly stands out from the other available systems on the market. The system can operate in a network with constantly updating data synchronization (Client-Server solution) or alone on a PC or laptop as a stand-alone solution. In addition it fulfills the requirements of industrial inspection services as well as those of the designated departments in industry, trade and medium-sized businesses, which themselves carry out control checks and documentation.

Yet another clearly improved performance accelerates operations even when large amounts of data are involved and is based on an intelligent program structure. In addition there is a simplified installation owing to the use of license-free SQL servers.  IDXpert supports the design of individual certificates, so that the wishes of the customers can be flexibly matched. For preparing the control checks the system provides the option to display the products, awaiting inspection within a freely definable space of time. A print-out is of course possible.

IDXpert allows for the import of test data, which are kept as Excel-tables, and which makes the implementation of IDXpert for the potential user both economical and simple. Characteristic for IDXpert is also the use of recordable transponders, which for example are fixed to the lifting gear and include information on the product and the control check. The transponders belong optionally to the initial equipment on SpanSet lifting gear, but can also be retrofitted later.

Easily operated, robust and highly flexible
Different construction designs of the transponders were developed together with the manufacturers, which also fulfill the most difficult demands. This was impressively documented in comprehensive test series, as for example in salt water spray or mechanical loading tests and can be evidenced in informative data sheets. The writable transponder is part of the system philosophy and a differentiating factor from other systems. In the interests of flexibility other products without writable transponders and those RFID transponders with a frequency of 13.56 MHz manufactured according to ISO 15963 can also be administered without difficulty with IDXpert. This high measure of flexibility facilitates a system spanning utilization of available hardware und avoids investment hurdles.

In addition, since this year dome, foil and triangle transponders have been inscribed with the UID (User Identifier: unique number). This is a great advantage when exchanging transponders damaged in use and considerably accelerates maintenance in individual cases. If they have not been pulled off or damaged by improper use, the passive transponders  have a life expectancy of over 10 years. Furthermore all the different SpanSet transponders can be read and written with all current SpanSet scanners.

With regard to the scanners, the user can choose from a range of reliable products the one most suitable for his needs. The names of the scanners and transponders have been assimilated and are now called for example :                                                                                                             IDXchangerUSB, IDXfoil oder IDXdome.
With the IDXchangerUSB we now have for example a writer/ scanner, which can be connected either directly or by USB cable with the laptop or tablet and can scan and write all the transponders in the SpanSet program. Besides the new hardware alternatives, also older devices can continue to be used, like the IDXchangerMDE which is equipped with a barcode scanner to facilitate data input.

Support by telephone, remote control or on site.
Training and support are an equally permanent component of our portfolio. The IT specialists of the Ratingen itranspond GmbH, our cooperation partner responsible for software design, are available at any time to help customers. Support ranges from telephone, to tele-maintenance to personal help on site. With these and other features IDXpert stands for unique user-friendliness in the administration of products.

With regard to data security SpanSet also aims for a high standard. The customer can either take charge of hosting himself, or transfer it to itranspond and/or use an unlimited volume of storage space in the IDXpert online-portal. With a maintenance contract free of charge for the first year our customers benefit from further developments of   the system by way of dialogue with the users.

There is a free version ready for download for small companies under www.itranspond.de. The stand-alone solution allows the administration of 100 products and has otherwise at its disposal almost the whole range of functions.

SpanSet offers one-day training seminars to help install and use IDXpert. The seminars in Übach-Palenberg have a maximum of 4 participants. The dates for the coming year are on 07.02.2014, 11.04.2014, 29.08.2014 and 12.12.2014. The seminars can be easily booked online under: www.spanset-seminare.de. Information about the system can be found under: www.idxpert.de.

Figure 1: The new generation of the IDXchanger MDE2 can with the aid of new aerial technology also read and write transponders in metallic surroundings (e.g. IDXpin).

Figure. 2: Initial and retrofitted equipping of SpanSet lifting gear with the new IDXclip, which is connected with the serially produced sewn textile-reinforced sleeve of the lifting gear.

Figure. 3: The new IDXchanger MSLB (writer/scanner) works in combination with the Motorola ES 400 (Smartphone). Data transfer is effected by Bluetooth.
Figure. 4: The especially competitively-priced IDXchanger USB (writer / scanner) can be directly or alternatively connected by UB cable with the tablet-PC or laptop.

Figure. 5:  There are special transponders for diverse products subject to inspection. The IDXtriangel (transponder) shown here is particularly robust and imprinted with the UID and is optimally suited to equip suspension gear.